HIV-Stigma and Daily Life for Men Living in Ireland

Eoin Hennessy of NUI Galway has been given ethical clearance and the go-ahead for this valuable new research. If you can, please help us to help him by completing this anonymous survey (click button below):

Stigma surrounding HIV continues to be a significant issue for people living with HIV, despite improvements in treatment. Some research has been carried out in this area, but a gap in the research is how stigma affects the daily life of men living with HIV. This survey hopes to highlight what daily life is like for men living with HIV in Ireland, by looking at everyday occupations (defined here as any activity, simple or complex, carried out throughout your day that occupies your time) and how experiences of HIV-related stigma might impact these occupations. There are questions on both everyday occupations and HIV-Stigma to explore if there is a link between the two. )

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